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  • Bella Bedroom
  • Bella Bedroom
  • Bella Bedroom
  • Bella Bedroom
  • Bella Bedroom
  • Bella Bedroom

Adorned with practical features while also being aesthetically pleasing, you won’t quite believe that your new Bella bedroom is yours. Transform Interiors in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, specialises in fitted bedrooms in a variety of designs that are inspired by the best.

Bella: The Bedroom You’ve Always Wanted

There’s so much more to a bedroom other than to sleep and dream. With BA, your dreams of beautiful interior designs for your home really do come true.

Everything from intense pools of glossy colour through to the most delicate shades that brighten and inspire even the darkest of days feature in our fitted bedrooms. With warm, comforting, and earthy tones and textures, the special grains of natural, woodland colours breathe life in your home.

We deliver bedrooms that complement and create space; using colour and textures that create the bedroom you’ve always wanted. Whether a room that’s timeless, or something that’s a little more contemporary, we’ve got it covered.

Bella Bedroom Styles:

With flexibility of colour and style and endless feature combinations, there’s something for every taste with Bella bedrooms. Let our craft sway your decision with expertly manufactured doors and furniture.

Contact us in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, to learn more about our fitted bedrooms, including Bella bedrooms.

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Home Studies

Special storage solutions are created to ensure that no space is wasted. Our furniture for home studies can be crafted in many materials: oak, walnut, maple, and cherry to name a few. The wood can be lacquered or painted to suit your needs and colour scheme. All of our furniture is made-to-order according to our incredibly high standards.

At Transform Interiors, we build you your dream furniture that is also long-lasting and either free-standing or built-in. Whether you require a standalone table or cupboards that effortlessly integrate into vaulted ceilings, our team design and install your perfect home study. The internal components within your home study can also be custom-built to your requirements.

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